07 Feb

EWB: Your queries answered

We had shared our blog story on E-Way Bill under the GST Act on 1st Feb. Ever since, we have been receiving a lot of queries on the subject so today I’ll be addressing some of the frequent questions that came in.

Let’s begin.

Q1. What are the documents required for generating EWB?

A1. The documents such as tax invoice or bill of sale or delivery challan and Transporter’s Id, who is transporting the goods with transporter document number or the vehicle number in which the goods are transported.

Q2. Can an EWB be cancelled? What if there is a mistake or wrong entry?

A2. If there is mistake, incorrect or wrong entry in the e-way bill, then it cannot be edited, corrected or deleted. However, an EWB can be cancelled within 24 hours from the time of generation.

Q3. If the goods having e-way bill has to pass through transshipment and through different vehicles, how it has to be handled?

A3. In the event transshipment, for each movement from one place to another, the transporter will need to update the vehicle number in which he is transporting his consignment.

Q4. Is there any other way to generate EWB other then on the website?

A4. Yes. Other then the website, the e-way bill can also be generated using SMS, Android app, Site-to-Site integration or through GSP ( Goods and Services Tax Suvidha Provider).

Q5. How can e-way bill be generated for multiple invoices belonging to same consignor and consignee?

A5. If multiple invoices are issued by the supplier to recipient, that is, for movement of goods of more than one invoice of same consignor and consignee, multiple EWBs have to be generated. For every invoice, one EWB has to be generated, irrespective of whether same or different consignors or consignees are involved.

Q6. What is TRANSIN or Transporter ID?

A6. TRANSIN or Transporter id is 15 digits unique number, similar to GSTIN, which can be generated by EWB system for unregistered transporter once he enrolls on the system. This number can be shared by the transporter to his clients to enter this number while generating e-waybills.

I hope you have found some of the answers you were looking for regarding EWB. In case you have any more queries, send us a DM on our Facebook page and our team will get back to you.

Have a good day!

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