23 Feb

Global Logistics and Community Building

As an organisation, we at Global Logistics strongly believe in inclusive and sustainable growth and ensure that CSR initiatives are a key component of our activities.

In this effort we have been privileged to lend our partnership to two organisations doing impactful work in their respective fields.

The Karunya Trust is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), formed in May 1998, which works towards restoring the dignity and potential of marginalized individuals and communities by facilitating access to holistic education, health, livelihood, and stable shelter.

Global Logistics’ contribution towards their ‘Gyansaathi’ project is aimed to protect the basic rights of children working as rag-pickers and has helped to ensure these children are enrolled in formal schools and provided access to education. Additionally, vocational training is offered along with counselling support to develop necessary lifeskills that help them contribute positively to society. Periodic medical camps are also conducted for their physical wellbeing.

We are also associated with the Damien Foundation India Trust. They are a charitable NGO working for Leprosy and TB Control activities in India, supported by the Damien Foundation, Belgium. The Foundation works directly through its own projects or through local NGO projects. They are also involved in strengthening Leprosy and TB Control Programmes of the Government through activities like capacity building. The organisation had its first Chapter in a village in South India in 1955, TB control in 1996 and now covers a population of 112,159,849 across eight states. The standout of the Foundation is its quality of services, delivered in close partnership with the community and the Government.

Global Logistics has lent its support to their efforts in providing access to reconstructive surgery to individuals affected by Leprosy. The programme ensures these surgeries are conducted without the patients having to endure any financial setback. This is essential since most of those affected are from backgrounds where it is difficult to break away from their jobs to undergo a surgery of this nature. The organisation provides an all-round support at every stage of the surgery, ensuring physical and psychological preparedness prior to the surgery and offering operative care and counselling post surgery, with focus on successful and effective long term rehabilitation.

We are proud to be associated with both Karunya Trust and Damien Foundation India Trust and applaud the impactful work they continue to do in their respective areas.

Damien Foundation India Trust – A Charitable Organization for Leprosy & TB Control
Damien Foundation India Trust is a charitable organisation engaged in Leprosy control since 1955 and TB control since…

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