• 17 Mar

    #Supply Shock to #Demand Shock

    The #Supply Shock Phase 2019 first Quarter was/is a period where every manufacturer is talking about supply chain disruption across the world. With the factory of the world under...

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  • 12 Feb

    Deep Impact

    There used to be a phrase in the past that if America catches a cold, then the whole world sneezes. The new world order definitely has replaced America with...

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  • 28 Dec


    Collaboration or competition of India and China ? As China encircles India with its Belt and Road initiative (BRI), India has its own continent-crossing plan. It’s called the North-South...

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  • 17 Dec

    The Rail Silk Road

    The Silk Road is now rising again, which will connect East Asian countries and Europe. The New Silk Road, which is a network of highways, railways, and airports linking...

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  • 04 Dec

    The Arctic Route : Chinese Polar Silk Road

    The week went by with more discussions on the new route being developed by China through the Arctic to Europe. I had mentioned in my blog during Maritime Week...

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  • 26 Sep

    Better Shipping for a Better Future

    Did you know that each year roughly 10 billion tons of commodities are carried across the oceans? In our global economy, maritime trade is indispensable. Every day, thousands of...

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  • 26 Sep

    Global Logistics – World Maritime Day 2018

    Shipping plays an integral part in our life, yet very few of us realise it’s significance. We ship all kind of things and travel around the world in luxury...

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  • 25 Sep

    Shipping — The Engine of Growth

    Our vast coastline of 7,500 km and the strategic location along most major shipping highways put the Indian maritime sector at an advantageous position. For years, the maritime routes...

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  • 24 Sep

    Maritime in India

    In the context of Maritime and India, the most recognized incident is usually that of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama and his exploration across the Indian Ocean. His discovery...

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  • 23 Sep

    World Maritime Day: Highlights and Significance

    The World Maritime Day is a global observance day, created by The United Nations (UN), via the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It highlights the maritime industry’s contribution towards the...

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